(Micro) BrotherDive 2014 - Hurghada Egypt

In this review we will only discuss the dive center because we were both in different resorts.

To be real honest, this review might not look as ‘independent’ as our other reviews. That because we’ve been to ‘Tauchen unter Freunden’ many times and Edwin worked here as a dive guide when they had large groups of divers.
However that states something too; would we work, and spend our family holidays here if it wasn’t worth it?

The history

In her younger years, the current owner Ute Renung came with a friend to Egypt for a holiday. They both enjoyed it so much that they wanted to extent their holiday, however they run out of money…..
The solution was to start selling homemade beaded chains and bracelets at the beach. This way they could make some money in order to pay for their extended holiday…..
Later on she exchanged the chains and bracelets for the diving industry and started in 1997 her own dive center togheter with her friend Geli. They started of as ´Orca diving center Geli & Ute´. After Geli quit the diving industry in 2011, Ute changed the name in 'Tauchen unter Freunden'
Ever since Ute is managing the Diving Center togheter with her Egyptian business partner ´Ashraf´ in middle of Hurghada (Sekkala) with great success.
Basing on her experience, especially in dealing with people, she managed to gain a lot of regular guests and to run a professional working Diving Center with a familiar and relaxed ambience.

For quite some time Ute even has her own diving boat, which is called 'Lumination' (or Lumi) and is anchored directly in front of the entrance to the center.

The dive center

You can find the dive center in the Le Pacha Resort, this hotel is located directly in the center of Sekkala, the new part of Hurghada, approx. 6 km away from the airport. You have to walk through the hotel in order to reach the jetty were the dive center is located. It’s directly next to the private beach of the hotel.

In their daily diving principally they concentrate on boat dives, they head on to two, sometimes three different spots during daytime. The dive sites are chosen individually to be well-suited to the divers aboard.
Beginners are guided in small groups by their Instructors or Dive guides.
However it’s also possible to make a shore dive from the beach at the diving center.



The Diving Center has a modern spacious boat at its disposal, anchored directly “in front of the door”. If more boats are needed they can have that arranged right away.

All the boats have the necessary rescue equipment, Oxygen, Medic First Aid Box and of course modern navigation and communication accessories on board.
There’s an excellent lunch served onboard.

Rental equipment

Tauchen unter Freunden Diving Center can offer 30 complete equipment’s in all sizes for rent. You can
This equipment is always up to date and checked frequently.

You can off course also rent separate items if needed.
If needed, there is also a technical service available for small equipment repairs


To support the diving education they have in our classroom with TV and DVD-player, as well as comprehensive training materials.

Guest Equipment Room

You can store your personal equipment in a spacious, good ventilated drying room, which is locked and guarded during the night.
For rinsing your equipment you find two pools at the center, one of them only for regulators and cameras.

They have their own compressor room where they have 2 heavy duty compressors.
These and a highly efficient Nitrox System are responsible for the good quality of the air you breathe.

The office contains a small souvenir shop and is also the ‘bar’. You can order your drinks here and enjoy them on the small terrace in front of the dive center.


Environmental Protection

The protection and conservation of the Red Sea is essential to the dive center, accordingly they support the local environment organizations like HEPCA.

Of course all their boats are equipped with Oxygen and Medic First Aid Boxes as well as mobile phones and radio. They cooperate with “Hypermed“, the new decompression chamber in Hurghada, which is managed by very experienced doctors and organized in an excellent standard. www.hypermed.org

They are also a member of “Life Boat Medevac”, this organization is operating since 2003 to rescue people in case of emergency. With their speed boats they can ensure a fast and safe transport to the shore.

Our evaluation

Our ratings below are based on our personal experiences. They are also adapted to our needs as divers. Meaning that we’re less focused on additional features.
Therefore you should only pay attention to our ratings if you’re planning a diving holiday.

Where we base our score on:

Dive center: Quality of equipment, boats, crew, dive guides, location, service, marine conservation, etc.

Scoring matrix


We’ve been to many dive centers around Egypt, and this is one of the best!

A real familiar dive center, with a relaxed ambience.
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced diver, they will always respect your level of diving. They are always open for any kind of suggestions, questions or wishes. The crews, is used to work together since many years, they are very helpful and relaxed.

What makes this dive center unique is that they treat you like family… You’re not just another customer, but they really try to connect with you.

That probably why once you acquainted with them you will almost certainly come back!
And that’s the reason why they have so many satisfied returning guests.

Therefore we would highly recommend the Tauchen unter Freunden dive center!

Our verdict
Dive Center: